We have had an excellent start to the second half of term!
First, I'm very excited to say that Mr. Kohll's personal educational website is now ready, full of great learning games. Enjoy!

The children enjoyed working with Miss Lucey.

They started to learn about plants in Science lessons.

Miss Lulu made a beautiful Science display to help. Soon the children's worksheets will grow on the tree!

Here are the children's projects from last term. You can come and see them! We will make more projects this term and the children will give speeches about them at the end.


02/17/2011 12:31am

I saw your web,it's wonderful!I wish Lily won't waste the time in year1 .There's only 4 months left,she could learn with u,a very good teacher!

Mr. Kohll
02/18/2011 2:31am

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the website! Lily will benefit from all the educational games in Year 1 and 2, and the Year 1-6 sections and perhaps also the Intermediate ESL section.

02/21/2011 4:44am

You personal website is absolutely great, Mr. Kohll. Thank you for sharing your hard work collecting and systemizing an incredible number of useful websites!
I enjoy to come back to the Year 1 website to look at the exciting things you do in class.

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