Hello everybody!
I hope you all had a good week. We certainly did! On Tuesday, the children were asked by the Easter Bunny to find a good country for him to live in. He wrote a letter asking the children to find a country that was not too big or hot, spoke English, had beautiful buildings, and no dangerous animals. On Thursday the children went around school and asked teachers from different countries about those countries. Today, the children wrote back to the Easter Bunny to tell him what they had found. It's all very exciting. Click here to see more!
Also through the week we have been singing Easter songs and a song to teach the children the difficult spelling word "because." In maths, we have been learning about counting and adding and subtraction, and in English we have been learning about information books and texts. Here are some photos of some of the things we've been doing in class.
Important note: on Monday photographs will be taken of every class. The children should come in full school uniform, with their PE kits in their bags.
Also, on Friday, House photos will be taken. On Friday, can children please come to school wearing their House colours - Phoenix children in red clothes, Dragon in yellow or green clothes, and Pegasus in blue and white clothes. We will remind you again later.

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