Starting the week


Here is some news, and some thoughts about the week.
We have two new children in class. Harold started today, and Bobo should be coming tomorrow. Thank you to all of the children for making Harold feel welcome today (and especially Jae Hun and Harry!)
Miss Mackay has asked me to say that she is very pleased that so many children brought PE kit, and especially arrived in PE clothes. This helps lessons to start quickly. However, some children still need to remember to bring full school uniform to change into at the end. They must do PE in full PE clothes, including sports shoes, and must then have full school uniform, including trouser, to change into for the rest of the day. Thank you.
World Maths Day begins tomorrow (! The login numbers are in your homework diaries, and you are encouraged to play at home as much as you can. But don't worry, everybody will have a turn. Year 1 is scheduled to compete in World Maths Day on Wednesday, 9.00 - 10.15 in the computer suite.
This week, our English lessons are on fantasy worlds. We will be learning about creating fantasy and sci-fi stories. In Maths lessons the children will learn about adding, taking away, multiplying and dividing money.
This week we will be learning two songs and one story. The songs are to teach money values and fantasy animals (a strange mixture!). The story is one that I wrote myself - I hope the children enjoy reading it! We began it today, and it and the songs will be put on the website at the end of the week.
Have a good week, everybody!
Mr. Kohll.

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