New Projects!


This week the children started their new Projects! The Projects they made before the holidays were really excellent, and we look forward to seeing these.
This time, the children will learn about a much wider variety of subjects. When the Projects are finished, each child will get a prize, and then they will all show their Projects and talk to the class about what they have learned. We are looking forward to learning many new and interesting things!
This homework will help the children in many ways. They will practice their handwriting, spelling and grammar; they will practice their artistic skills; they will learn about research and learn a lot of science and knowledge of the world.
Most of the children have decided to do Projects on Plants (our Science topic) but some are doing projects on People Who Help Us (our Personal, Social and Health Education topic). Every child has some questions which they will work to find the answers to. When the Projects are finished they will share with the class what they have learned.
The children can write and draw and cut and glue. We want them to find interesting facts, and to share these with the class. We think it will be an excellent educational experience for them!
The children will work on the Projects in class and at home. There are books on plants and people who help us in the Year 1 class library, and below are some websites to help them find out interesting things.
Please send us a message, on this website or in the homework diaries, if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey.

Websites for plants:

Websites for People Who Help Us:


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