Important Reminder: all parents are invited to school on Tuesday afternoon (starting at 1.10) to discuss their children with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. We hope you can come!

We are getting near the end of the school year, but we still have lots of fun things to learn and do!
In English, we will continue to learn about rhymes and English poetry. Here is a game for you to practice rhymes with:
In Maths this week we will learn about counting, addition, subtraction and number patterns. Here is a game for you to practice. It's not difficult, but you have to answer quickly to get a high score!

This week in Art we will learn to make sculptures out of paper!

Have a good week!

We will do a lot of learning, of course, and have lots of fun!
In English lessons we will continue to learn about poetry. Mr. Kohll'c class will make poems based on "How much is that doggy in the window?" which we read on Friday.

In Maths, we will learn about doubling, halving and multiplication. You can practice multiplying using this game.

In Science, we will learn about measuring how far we can hear sounds, and in Art we will be making more beautiful sculptures.
Here is the Sculpture game we played last week, Lots of children asked for it, and I hope you enjoy it!

Welcome back!


I hope all of you, parents and children, had a wonderufl holiday.
I certainly did!
And now, after a good rest, I hope all the children in Year 1 are ready for hard work, learning, and fun.
This term we will be learning about many exciting things. Click here to go to the Summer Term page to read aall about it.
Here are some games to help you get ready. Click on each picture to play them.
In English lessons we will be reading stories from around the world. Do you know some of the countries they will come from? Have a look at this map, and see if you can find China, England, Africa and Russia.

In Science this term, we will be learning about sound and hearing. Click here to play a game where you can practice listening to sounds.

In History, for the next three weeks, we will be learning about the sea side, and about holidays a long time ago. To begin, play this game so you can learn about sea side sounds. This will also help you in Science.

Today we had a birthday party for Woo Bin and You Bin. Their mother very kindly brought in two big cakes and other party foods, and we all sang happy birthday.

The first video to appear on the Year 1 website!

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Party Pictures

Writing Stories in English lessons

For two weeks the children have been writing stories in English class. Today they finished the final version; each child in Mr. Kohll's and Miss Lucey's class wrote a story about a magical forest. We were so proud of their good work that we asked Mrs. Bingham to come and see them. Mrs. Bingham was very pleased, and gave every child in the class one house point!

News for Year 1 and TRIS

We're very happy to say that Mr. Simpson, the Year 3 teacher, is recovering well, and I should be able to return full time to teaching Year 1 with Miss Lucey next week.
Thank you to the parents who have sent in money and permission for the Science trip next Friday. Any parents who have not yet, please do so otherwise your child will not be able to come - and it is a lot of fun and a great educational experience! The children will learn a lot about the science of plants and have a great day. Here is a photo of the trip from 2010:
Next week we will continue to learn about road safety and making the local area safer in Geography lessons; we will have the Botanical Gardens trip; and we will celebrate Pi Day. An exciting week for Year 1!
Have a good weekend!
Hello! I hope you all had a good holiday. We have a busy and exciting time ahead of us, and I want to tell you some of the things we will be doing. Please remember that timetables are available here for you to see plans for this term and this year.
There is an exciting new development this term. As you know, the policy of TRIS is that classes will have no more than 15 children, so that the children will receive a high quality education. We now have 16 children in Year 1. Therefore, a new teacher has joined us, Miss Lucey. The children will now have two teachers, but don't worry - both teachers will teach all of the children; there will not be two seperate classes. What there will be is many new ideas and ways of teaching, and extra help for your children in learning.
In English lessons we are going to begin by learning the English topic of Instructions. The children will learn about how to put English sentences in order, how to write neat instructions for things like recipes, making things and playing games, and how to give instructions in spoken English. After that, we will have two weeks for the children to continue learning about science fiction and fantasy stories. Lots of fun! 

In Maths lessons this week, we will be learning about simple multiplication and division. There will be more games on the website for your children to practice these at the end of the week. Here are two games they can play now to help them learn and practice.
In Science lessons this term we will learn about plants. The children will learn to name different parts of plants, see how plants grow and learn about roots and flowers and what we can use plants for.They will learn that plants are living organisms, and the things that they need to grow and live.

In History lessons, we will be learning about houses a long time ago. the children will learn about the history of houses in Britain and compare them to China and Korea.

Hello! This will be another exciting week, In Year 1, we will:

 1. Learn about fantasy and science fiction books in English lessons.

The children will learn what science fiction and fantast stories are. We will read stories and have fun acting them and writing about them. The children will learn about characters and settings and how to describe them. We will read stories like Sleeping Beauty (a roleplaying game book), Dr. Xargle, and will read the online books The Princess and The Dragon and The Cold Planet.

2. Learn about making model castles in Design & Technology.

This is linked to our work in Science, using materials like cardboard, plastic, glue and sellotape. And it is linked to our English work, reading magic stories about castles. the children will begin their castles this week, working in groups. I would be very grateful for any cardboard or plastic - boxes, bottles, etc. - you could donate for the children to share and use.
 Click here to watch a video of how to make a castle.

3. Learn to sing a song about Chinese New Year.

This week we will learn a song to practice English and learn about Chinese New Year customs. You can watch a cartoon of the song here (click on the picture).

4. Learn about measuring time, length and weighing things in Maths lessons.

Our maths topic this week is measuring - fun with clocks, rulers and weighing scales.

I hope you have a good week!