Today we had a birthday party for Woo Bin and You Bin. Their mother very kindly brought in two big cakes and other party foods, and we all sang happy birthday.

The first video to appear on the Year 1 website!

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Party Pictures

Writing Stories in English lessons

For two weeks the children have been writing stories in English class. Today they finished the final version; each child in Mr. Kohll's and Miss Lucey's class wrote a story about a magical forest. We were so proud of their good work that we asked Mrs. Bingham to come and see them. Mrs. Bingham was very pleased, and gave every child in the class one house point!

News for Year 1 and TRIS

We're very happy to say that Mr. Simpson, the Year 3 teacher, is recovering well, and I should be able to return full time to teaching Year 1 with Miss Lucey next week.
Thank you to the parents who have sent in money and permission for the Science trip next Friday. Any parents who have not yet, please do so otherwise your child will not be able to come - and it is a lot of fun and a great educational experience! The children will learn a lot about the science of plants and have a great day. Here is a photo of the trip from 2010:
Next week we will continue to learn about road safety and making the local area safer in Geography lessons; we will have the Botanical Gardens trip; and we will celebrate Pi Day. An exciting week for Year 1!
Have a good weekend!


03/14/2011 5:26pm

All Y1 mums are so happy that Mr. Simpson is recovering well, and Mr.Kohll were able to return full time to teaching Year 1!
and have a nice week:)

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