Year 1 had a very busy day today! We did lots of work, and learned a lot of things!

English Lesson: Instructions Writing

We began with an English lesson. Mr. Kohll's English class and Miss Lucey's English class worked together. The children used the plans they made yesterday to write instructions. Writing instructions is an excellent way to improve English. The children practiced their handwriting, grammar and sentence structure.
After they finished writing and illustrating their instructions, we made a summary of them together. You can listen to some of the children reading them here (click on the blue words to hear them speaking):

First, wash your hands.

Then take the plate and knife and bread and jam.


After that, cut the bread...


...and spread the jam.


Finally, close the bread and eat the sandwich.


Growing Potato Plants

In Science, we are studying plants. Today, Miss Lucey and Mr. Kohll talked to the children about how plants grow, and we learned about potatoes. We began a science experiment - growing potato plants. The children made predictions about how the potato plants would change. We're very excited to see if they grow!

Homework Projects

Today the children began working on their Projects. Almost all of them decided to do projects on plants. Their homework is to decide what they want their focus to be. Tomorrow we will talk more about the Projects, and there will be materials to help the children on the Year 1 website and in the class library.

PSHE - People who help us in school

Today the children worked in groups, with Miss Lucey, Miss Lulu and Mr. Kohll, to travel around the school and talk to the people who help us in school. They spoke to Mrs. Bingham, who told them about how the teachers worked and how she communicated with them through emails and meetings and pigeonholes. They spoke to Miss Candy, who told them how she helps children who are sick or injured; and they talked to Miss Yiki and Miss Jenny, the school receptionists, who told them how they telephone parents, write letters and print and copy materials. I hope the children enjoyed themselves, and learned a lot of new things about their school!

02/24/2011 1:34am

What a lovely day!!

02/24/2011 3:29am

Dear Mr. Kohll, Miss Lucey and Miss Lulu,
I really like growing things. Yesterday, I went home and ask my mom for a carrot and a potato and plant them. This morning, they still look the same.

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