- Ice cream is being sold tomorrow!
- Please remember to bring back library books on Wednesday, and bring reading books every day - some children have been forgetting to do this.
- Sports Day is next Wednesday. Many children have ordered a barbecue meal and sent in money. It's going to be a really fun day!
We had a very fun week in our first week back in school. In English, we read stories from other cultures (England - The Gingerbread Man - and Africa - It Takes a Village - were two of our favourites). We read them acted them out, and wrote about them. In Science, we learned about sounds and hearing, and how to use our ears to sense the world around us. We put on blindfolds and practiced listening to see if we could identify a person just by hearing their voice. In Maths, we learned about Venn diagrams and Block Graphs. We made them with roleplays, and with computer games, and in our books. And in History, we learned about the history of seaside holidays. We learned the story of how Prince George (the Prince of Wales 300 years ago) went to Brighton (in the south of England) because his doctor said he should, and how this began the tradition of the British seaside holiday. Mr. Kohll played Prince George, and told the children about his health problems (the real Prince George was overweight, and had pains in his neck). The children then went to see Miss Lucey, who acted as a doctor, and told the children that the Prince should go to Brighton to bathe in seawater. The children were very excited to hear about this, and came back with lots of advice, which they wrote on worksheets. 

 And now, here are some photos we would like to show you!
Look how big our potato plant is now!
Roleplaying the story of The Gingerbread Man in English lessons.
Year 1 learned about sound and hearing...
...and played listening games!

Can Miss Lucey hear who this is?

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Helping Prince George
go on holiday to Brighton.


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