This week, we:
- Had a PE lesson with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. Miss Mackay was ill on that day, so we helped the children prepare for sports Day.
- Worked on a science topic, and learned about pushing, pulling and lifting to help the Easter Bunny build a new home.
- Learned about information books in English.
- Had fun at the Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala.
- Learned about 2-d shapes, 3-d shapes and symmetry in Maths.
- Began to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down."

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you did or enjoyed this week!

Exercising before starting the lesson.

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Here are some photos and films of what we did.

The children practiced long jumping, high jumping, throwing the discus and racing.

Video: the high jump.

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The children work together to construct a building.

Learning about
Lifting, Pushing and Pulling

Thursday 14th April: The Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala

The children did great swimming!
VIDEO: Swimming to win races!
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And they all had a lot of fun!

MATHS: Shapes.
Anybody who can learn ALL of the words for:
2-D shapes (click here)
3-D shapes (click here)
can get ONE HOUSEPOINT prize on Monday.
(Note - some people may have trouble playing this gamer


04/16/2011 5:05pm

What an exciting week again! Ellen is calming down well since the long break of holidays and illness,thanks for all your help!
nice weekend:)

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