Once again it is the end of the week; and as I look back on it I am very happy to think about all the things Year 1 have done.
We started an experiment in dyeing plants, which the children were very excited about.
Year 1 finished reading The Great Plant Expedition as a class. We read it all together, a little bit every day. The children loved it, and I did too because I wrote it and found or made all the pictures myself! The children play a roleplaying adventure where they travel back in time and go on an expedition to America to search for new plants. Perhaps you'd like to read it at home?
Congratulations to Patricia on getting her Silver Certificate. 100 House Points! Well done!

03/19/2011 1:50am

Dear Mr. Kohll, Miss Lucey, dedicated teachers and all,

Thank you so much for taking the children to the gardens. Grace told me how much she had enjoyed the excursion and look forward to more of such activities. I am especially grateful because I know this is really hard work for all of you. Heartfelt gratitudes once again!!!


Mr. Kohll
03/19/2011 4:24am

Thank you, much appreciated!

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