Sports Day is on Wednesday! All parents welcome to come. Don't forget to bring a hat, or an umbrella in case of strong sunshine!
I hope you all had a good weekend! Here is a photo of Grace catching fish. What did the rest of Year 1 do?
This week, we will continue to learn about stories from other cultures and with repeating patterns in Literacy; we will learn about measuring and weighing in Numeracy; in Science, we will learn about the sounds made by musical instruments, and in PSHE we will learn about making good and bad choices.
Can all children please bring in their library books on Tuesday? We won't go to the library on Wednesday because of Sports Day events.

05/16/2011 4:40am

I met a new friend this weekend,he is my neighbor,his name is Max,he is French and we played so happy.
Grace is cool!

Eunice Year 1
05/16/2011 5:04am

Hi Mr.kohll,
I went cycling with my dad.On weekend.
And it was very fun.

Mr. Kohll
05/16/2011 5:58am

Hi Eunice,
That sounds fun! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

Mr. Kohll
05/16/2011 5:59am

Hi Ellen,
That sounds like a great weekend too!
Does Max speak more French or English?
Maybe he can teach you how to speak in French.

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