We had a treat at the start of this term, as Lisa brought in a book to read to the class. She read beautifully, and should be proud of her English speaking and reading. If any of the other children wish to bring in a book to read to the class, or bring in something special to show and tell their friends about, I am happy to make time for them to do so.

01/18/2011 7:37pm

Mr.Kohll did a lot of work on the website,they are very useful not even to pupils,but also to parents,it's so much fun !Thanks a lot!I'm looking foward to see the links to the science games,I will play it before my daughter! Lily's mum

Mr. Kohll
01/19/2011 3:24am

Thank you! I hope Lily and all the children enjoy them and find them useful. Look out for lots more!

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