Welcome to another week! I have some interesting things to tell you.
First, I am very sorry to say that Mr. Simpson, the Year 3 teacher, is sick in hospital. We are not sure when he will be able to come back to school. We hope he wiill be back in a few days. While he is away, Year 3 will be taught by Mr. Kohll, and Year 1 will be taught by Miss Lucey, me, Miss Helen and Miss Lulu. I will come back to teach Year 1 when I am available. For example, today I was able to teach a Geography lesson with Miss Lucey in the afternoon.
This is our new Geography topic - safety in the local area. It was great fun! Today we went to the school gates and did a survey of the traffic outside our school. The children were very excited, and made a graph of the information. In future lessons we will learn about road safety. You can see our song for this week here.

This week, the children will write fantasy stories in English, learn more about multiplying and dividing in Maths, and cut open plants to explore them in Science.
Tomorrow is an optional non-school uniform day. If your child wishes to come in normal clothes, they can pay 10 RMB, which will be given to a charity to help the earthquake victims in New Zealand. One of the TRIS teachers comes from New Zealand, and the school is raising money to help the people there. (This does not apply to Harold and Bobo, who have not yet received full school uniform).
Have a good week!
Mr. Kohll.

03/08/2011 4:07am

Dear Mr.Kohll:
Thank you very much for your pretty hard work for kids. We hope Mr.Simpson getting better soon .

Mr. Kohll
03/08/2011 6:27am

Thank you!
Mr. Simpson is not very well, but he has been treated and given medicine, and should be back in school before long.

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