Today Miss Rhonda's ESL class - Cherry, Lisa, Ji Hyeon, Bobo, Harold, Su, Shu and Lohann from Year 2 - performed a lovely assembly. It was about the Mardi Gras festival, and the things the children had been learning about it. It was very nice to see their parents come to watch, and I hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did! We saw a lovely powerpoint of all the work the children had been doing; the children put on fun costumes and danced for us; and at the end they threw candy to the audience. Lots of fun!
Finally Mr. Owens gave House Point Certificates to four of the Year 1 children in Miss Rhonda's class - very well deserved!

News in Year 1 and TRIS

* I hope the children are happy with the letters sent home about buying books online. It is a wonderful way to learn English. Please let me know if you have any questions.
* Tomorrow is Woo Bin and You Bin's birthday party! We will have it at 10.00 in the morning. Please don't bring any snacks tomorrow. Thank you!
* Monday is Pi Day (Pi = 3.14) - a celebration of maths! The children will do lots of maths activities, with all the other students of TRIS, all around the school. Lots of fun!
* The new school website is now available at Why not go and have a look at it?


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