Year 1 are working on a homework project - a long-term piece of homework on Materials, which is our topic for Science and Art lessons this term. They will end up with a booklet full of pictures, diagrams and writing about things made from plastic, wood, paper, metal and other materials. Today, we had a look at the work the children have done, and I was very happy to see how hard they have been working at home - colouring, drawing, cutting, gluing and writing. Well done, Year 1!

Questions and Answers

Question: When does the Project have to be finished by?
Answer: By the Spring Festival holidays.

Question: Is there a prize?
Answer: The best projects will be sent to Mrs. Bingham and Mr. Owens for them to see; children will be rewarded by the amount of effort they have put into their work, with housepoints.

Question: What is the "best work?"
Answer: Lots of different items made of lots of different materials - samples glued in, and neatest possible drawing, colouring and writing.

Question: Can the children do extra work?
Answer: Yes! If they like, they can add their pages, write on the backs of their pages, and do some work on the computer if they wish. They can also add stickers, stories and photos cut out of magazines. But all work done must be on things made out of plastics, glass, metals, fabrics and other materials.


Here are some online resources that children can use to find out more about materials to add to their Projects:
Link to Science Games.

Mrs. Arbon
01/13/2011 6:54am

Hello Year 1,
Your unit on materials sounds very exciting! Perhaps your class could come to English A to share what you have learned with Mr.Kohll. My EA students will also be researching materials this term. I wonder if you could surprise them by sharing some information that they didn't know?!

Mr. Kohll
01/19/2011 3:25am

Thank you, Mrs. Arbon! I'm sure the children will love that.

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