Hello everybody. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I am happpy to see that people have been visiting the Year 1 website (73 visits yesterday).
Please remember to write in your homework diaries - I am going to enjoy reading them! And please remember to add a comment to the Holiday Homework page.
Here are a few things I have been doing, to give you some ideas!
I had fun with fireworks for Chinese New Year!
I ate Beijing Duck. It was really good!
I made Chinese dumplings to eat.

02/10/2011 1:18am

Dear Mr.Kohll, I also have fun with firework and ate Beijing duck and make dumpings ,same with you! Happy Chinese New Year!

02/14/2011 3:25am

Dear Mr. Kohll, I had a wonderful holiday but I am very happy to be back to school!

Mr. Kohll
02/14/2011 6:03am

That's great, Grace! Welcome back!

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