Spring Term and Summer Term

This week is the end of Spring Term. Next week, the Summer Term begins. There will be four weeks until Easter for the first half of Summer Term. For information on the things we will be studying you can go to the Parents Page, and the Summer Term Curriculum Letter will be sent out at the end of the week. We have some VERY exciting things planned for next term!

The Wizard of Oz! The classic children's story that TRIS are performing this week. There is still time to get tickets if you want to! There will be two shows on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Tickets will be given out on Wednesday if you have bought them. Because many children in Year 1 will have not bought tickets we the class went to watch the final rehearsal this afternoon. The children saw some of the play and loved it! And I'm sure you will too if you see it. It's an excellent performance!
The children have their spelling homework for this week; please practice spelling and reading every night. A few children did not bring their school uniform to school today - please remember!
Because of disruption due to the rehearsal for the school play there was no swimming club today; the swimmers came to Computer Club, where they played fun learning games.
This week we have a new class wordsearch where the children can have fun finding words about things happening in Year 1 and in school. How many can they find? There are also three names hidden in there - can you see them?
And finally, thank you to all the parents who helped with making and selling food on Thursday and Friday for Japanese charities; the PTA made 9, 274 rmb!
Also, we are very sorry that three children missed the Friday Gardens trip. Their money will of course be returned to them.
Have a good week!

03/21/2011 10:52am

Dear Mr.Kohll and Miss Lucey:
I am in The Hague ,Nederland now, I am well.I miss you and all my classmates.I will be coming back soon.

Year 1 teachers and children
03/21/2011 6:16pm

Hello Ellen!
Thank you for your letter. Lily says, "We miss you," and Jae Hun asks "How many aeroplanes did you take?"
Year 1 looks forward to youcoming back. Bring us some nice photos of the Netherlands.
Best wishes,
Mr. Kohll,
Miss Lucey,
Miss Helen,
Miss Lulu, Year 1 children.

03/21/2011 11:26pm

Dear Mr Kholl,Miss Lucey,Miss Hellen,Miss Lulu and all my classmates:
I am so happy to get your message!
to Jae hun: I took only one airoplane to Amsterdam by KLM Boeing 747.
To Lily: I miss you all!!
I will send some photos for you.
love from Ellen

03/22/2011 3:15am

len hello how are you

Mr. Kohll
03/22/2011 4:51am

Thank you, Ellen!
I hope you have a wonderful time in Amsterdam.
If you email me at rowankohll@hotmail.com, I will send you some resources so you can keep in touch with what we are doing in class.
Bye bye!

03/22/2011 9:32pm

I have e-mailed you some photos taking today,hahaha.
Have a nice day:)

03/22/2011 9:33pm

Dear Shu,
I am fine,thank you:)
I will come back in two weeks.
Miss you:)

year1 harry
03/23/2011 6:28am

hello ellen!
thank you for your letter.
how long time airplane did you take?
Did you fun in the Netherlands?

have a good day.
byebye ellen

03/23/2011 7:02am

Hello Harry,

Thank you for your letter!
I have a lot of fun in Nederland.I wen to dentist today and she checked my teeth,she said: your teeth is beautiful,and let me use electric tooth brush.
It took 9 hours to the Nederland.
I also bought Easter eggs for my class.hahaha

03/23/2011 7:54am

Dear Ellen,

How are you? Did you miss me?
I am not feeling too good today, but I hope to get better so I can go see the school tomorrow. too bad you cant see it.


03/23/2011 7:55am

Sorry Ellen,

I mean to go see the school play!


03/23/2011 11:16pm

Dear Grace,

I am so happy to receive your letter!
I am so well. It is sunny and Tulips up everywhere.
I hope you are getting well soon and can go to see the play!
Miss you


Eunice y1
03/24/2011 4:46am

Hello Ellen ,
did you have a nice holiday? we miss you very much!

03/24/2011 10:20am

I am very well,thank you!
I went to beach today,it is nice.
I miss you too.

03/24/2011 5:25pm

Dear Mr. Kohll, Miss Lucey, Miss Lulu and Miss Helen,

Sorry I can't come to school yesterday and today because I am sick and went to the hospital. The doctor I needed an injection and a drip. Ouchie that was painful, but I did not cry. The doctor and the nurses were the people who helped me yesterday. I really wanted to see the play last night but my mom won't let me go. Mr. Kohll, will they put up the show for those who missed it? Please please please please? I miss Year 1 class.


Mr. Kohll
03/25/2011 6:23pm

Hello Grace,
I'm so sorry to hear that you had to go to hospital! I hope you're feeling better now. I'm also very sorry that you didn't get to see the play. Don't worry, though - only a few Year 1 children saw it, and I'm sure we can make sure you can see the video of it.
Year 1 misses you too. We hope you'll be able to come back on Monday!
Best wishes,
Mr. Kohll.

03/25/2011 6:55pm

Dear Mr. Kohll,

Thank you. See you on Monday!


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