Fun Events



World Maths Day

World Maths Day is over! I know many of the children played at home, and the whole class played today in the ICT suite, against children from all over the world.

Mr. Kohll's Story

I'm quite proud of this - I've written an exciting story that can be played as a game. The children have to travel around the world in search of new plants. Unfortunately, this morning their ship was sunk in a sea storm, and they had to stop. But they began again, and will hopefully finish by Friday!
The game is called "The Great Plant Expedition" and will be available on the website next week!


This afternoon we looked at all of the children's Projects. Well done for the work on them! Each child has now been given a new question to answer. Next week they will all show their projects to the class and talk about them.

PSHE - People Who Help Us: Medical

Today in PSHE we talked about the people who can help us when we or others are sick. We talked about doctors, nurses, vets and dentists. The children had fun roleplaying them, and learned a lot about what doctors and dentists do.

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