World Maths Day

We had a whole-school assembly this morning in which Mr. Smith, the head of mathematics, congratulated the school on their performance in World Maths Day. He also gave certificates to the children who got the highest scores. Well done, Year 1, for your part in helping the school!
And special congratulations to Kim Jun Hyeok! Well done, Harry!

Homework for this weekend

The children have some interesting homework this week!

Yuk Yuk and the Denlops

This week and next week we are learning about writing fantasy stories in English class. So let me introduce you to Yuk Yuk and the Denlops. The Denlops are magic people who live under the ground. Yuk Yuk is a Denlop,. We talked to him today. He told the class that he is 600 years old, and he was very happy to meet us.
For the parents, an explanation: This website is a sophisticated artificial intelligence, child-friendly and completely safe. Children can ask the character Yuk Yuk questions, and he will answer them. It's lots of fun, and wonderful practice for their English!
Talking to Yuk Yuk is a little difficult for some children in Year 1. It is homework for Mr. Kohll's English class (Lily, Eunice, Jae Hun, Ellen, Woo Bin and You Bin) but other children can talk to him as well if they want to!

Learning Chocolate and Picture Stories

For the children who can't talk to Yuk Yuk, here is some homework (and for Mr. Kohll's English class too, please!)

Two wonderful websites to help improve your English.

The first is called Learning Chocolate. It's an excellent website for English as a Second Language. Very useful for Miss Rhonda's class, and it will be a big help for all Year 1 children.
For homework, I want you to go to this page and play at least three of the games. This will help you improve your English, learn about the Science of plants, and it will be a big help for some of you doing Projects on plants.
The second website is very useful for learning English. Every word has a picture above it to help explain the meaning of the word. For homework I want you to read this story about going to the dentist. This will help us in our PSHE topic "People Who Help Us."

And finally...
Have a wonderful weekend!

03/05/2011 1:10am

I talk to Yuk Yuk and learned a trip go the dentist.

Mr. Kohll
03/05/2011 1:27am

That's great, Ellen!

Eunice year1
03/06/2011 1:52am

I enjoyed talking with Yuk Yuk.

Mr. Kohll
03/06/2011 2:00am

That's great, Eunice! What did you ask him?

03/08/2011 5:23am

Dear Mr. Kohll,
I think I like Yuk Yuk the most. I asked him what colour he likes.

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