(I have made some changes to the writing here so that the translations will be easier to understand).
Dear parents,
Since we came back from the holidays there have been some changes in Year 1. All new systems are now ready and I can explain exactly what they are. I am sure that you will agree that all changes will be of benefit to the children and help their education.
1. Miss Lucey has worked with all of the children this week and last week. She is an excellent teacher, and the children all enjoy working with her.
2. The registration classes (where we count the children) have been split into two classes. This means that, for five minutes in the morning and afternoon, the children go to Miss Lucey's and Mr. Kohll's classes to greet each other and sing a song or do shared reading.
3. The Maths and English classes have been split. There are now two Maths classes and two English classes. Almost all of the children go to one class with Miss Lucey and another class with Mr. Kohll; we both teach almost all of the children.
4. Click here to see a full list of all the classes and the children in them.  
5. Miss Rhonda's classes, Miss Mackay's PE and swimming classes, and Miss Packer's Music classes are the same as before; no changes.   
6. All other classes (History, Science, Art, Computers, Geography, etc.) are taught with all of the children together in one classroom, with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey and Miss Helen teaching them all together.
Tianjin Rego International School has a policy of class sizes being no more than 15. This is because we want the childre to get lots of help from the teacher. Now that we have two teachers the children will have lots more help in all of their lessons.
Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, either on this website or in the homework diaries.
Thank you,
Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey.

02/22/2011 3:49am

Mr. Kohll, I still want to stay in Mr. Kohll's class.

Mr. Kohll
02/22/2011 6:13am

Thank you Lily.
Don't worry, I'll still teach you English, Science, Art, Design and Technology, Geography, History, PSHE, Computers and reading!

02/25/2011 1:36am

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