This week, we:
- Had a PE lesson with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. Miss Mackay was ill on that day, so we helped the children prepare for sports Day.
- Worked on a science topic, and learned about pushing, pulling and lifting to help the Easter Bunny build a new home.
- Learned about information books in English.
- Had fun at the Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala.
- Learned about 2-d shapes, 3-d shapes and symmetry in Maths.
- Began to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down."

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you did or enjoyed this week!

Exercising before starting the lesson.

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Here are some photos and films of what we did.

The children practiced long jumping, high jumping, throwing the discus and racing.

Video: the high jump.

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The children work together to construct a building.

Learning about
Lifting, Pushing and Pulling

Thursday 14th April: The Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala

The children did great swimming!
VIDEO: Swimming to win races!
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And they all had a lot of fun!

MATHS: Shapes.
Anybody who can learn ALL of the words for:
2-D shapes (click here)
3-D shapes (click here)
can get ONE HOUSEPOINT prize on Monday.
(Note - some people may have trouble playing this gamer

Welcome to the second week of summer! There is lots of exciting news to tell you.
First of all, the children had another letter from the Easter bunny today! He said he was very happy they had decided he should live in Britain, but he had some questions. He asked the children to help him find out about Britain - why it had four countries, and the people who lived there, what the weather was like, what British food is like, what beautiful cities and buildings and fun places there are, who the Queen is, and what British people do for Easter. the children have worksheets to take home. Can you help them to find any interesting things? Click here for some websites to look at on this page of Also click here for some websites to learn about Easter.

Today we had a class photo. Thank you for making the children look so smart! The photo will be in the TRIS Yearbook at the end of the year. Sadly, Su and Sarah were away today - sorry, you two - so we must make sure we take photos of them to add to the Year 1 Yearbook page.

Ellen came back from her holiday in Holland today. We're very happy to have her back. She brought presents from Holland for the class - European chocolate Easter eggs! As you can see, they really liked them. Thank you, Ellen!

Also, we're happy to see that the potatoes we planted are growing well!

This week we will be learning about information books in English classes; we will be helping the Easter Bunny to learn about Britain in Geography; we will be learning about addition and subtraction in maths; and in PSHE our work is on homes. In Phonics, the children will be learning ie words (pie, flies, ties) and ea words (sea, pea, tea).
Have a very good week!
Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey.
Have a very good week!
Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey.

Final important note:
Nursery, Reception and Year 1 and 2
Swimming Gala, thursday 14th April

Here is a letter from Miss Mackay about the swimming celebration. Please read it and send back your reply. A letter has been sent home,. You can read it, or download it here, or read the translation (click below the fold).
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