Sports Day!


The Primary Sports Day was a great success, on the 18th of May 2011. Click on the pictures to see photos and videos.
We have now finished the second week of summer term. In Year 1 we continued to learn about calculating in maths and about information books in English. The children researched the United Kingdom and wrote letters to the Easter Bunny telling him about it - and in the process learned a lot about Geography. On Friday, we had three fun events - the children could buy pizza and cookies, there were House and School photographs (for the Year Book at the end of the year) and we had out "Golden Time." Golden Time is a common practice in British schools - the last hour of the week is given to the children to have fun with. For us, we played a game where we learned about The Easter Bunny, and then went to the ICT suite where the children played fun computer games. We also gave prizes to children who had done well in Miss Lucey's class, and to the House table who had the most House Points. This week, Pegasus won. Well done, Bobo, Sarah, Cool, Jae Hun and Harry!
Here are some photos for you to see how we had a week full of learning and fun.
Have a good weekend!

We learned a lot about Britain so we could teach the Easter Bunny about it.

Miss Lucey showed the children fascinating pictures of her time in Britain. They learned many things about the geography and culture of the United Kingdom.
Every week we have a new word search puzzle for the whole class to enjoy. This week, the words are Britain, UK, rain, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Queen - some of the things we have been learning about this week. The children managed to find many of them (and so did some of the children in other classes!) How many can you find?
Because we were learning about the United Kingdom this week, our song for the week was "Land Of Hope and Glory." Every day we spent a few minutes watching a video of Last Night of the Proms (a famous music festival in Britain) where we saw people playing and singing the British National Song. The children had fun seeing the singing, learning about the different flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Britain. Click below to see a video of the children conducting with the conductor, playing with the orchestra and waving flags with the audience.

Watch video here:

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House Colours

On Friday, we gave the children all new House T-shirts in their House Colours (Phoenix, Red, Dragon, Yellow, and Pegasus, Blue).
The children all put on their new school House T-shirts.

Fun Food on Friday.

The photos you can see are of the children enjoying their cakes and pizzas. Here is a photo of Bobo (it was her birthday) enjoying a slice of chocolate cake. Happy birthday, Bobo!
It wasn't all fun and games - we also had lots of hard studying this week. Here is a group of children studying maths.
Here are the children learning about maths with a computer game.
Here we are playing an Easter Bunny game in Golden Time.
Once again it is the end of the week; and as I look back on it I am very happy to think about all the things Year 1 have done.
We started an experiment in dyeing plants, which the children were very excited about.
Year 1 finished reading The Great Plant Expedition as a class. We read it all together, a little bit every day. The children loved it, and I did too because I wrote it and found or made all the pictures myself! The children play a roleplaying adventure where they travel back in time and go on an expedition to America to search for new plants. Perhaps you'd like to read it at home?
Congratulations to Patricia on getting her Silver Certificate. 100 House Points! Well done!