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World Maths Day

World Maths Day is over! I know many of the children played at home, and the whole class played today in the ICT suite, against children from all over the world.

Mr. Kohll's Story

I'm quite proud of this - I've written an exciting story that can be played as a game. The children have to travel around the world in search of new plants. Unfortunately, this morning their ship was sunk in a sea storm, and they had to stop. But they began again, and will hopefully finish by Friday!
The game is called "The Great Plant Expedition" and will be available on the website next week!


This afternoon we looked at all of the children's Projects. Well done for the work on them! Each child has now been given a new question to answer. Next week they will all show their projects to the class and talk about them.

PSHE - People Who Help Us: Medical

Today in PSHE we talked about the people who can help us when we or others are sick. We talked about doctors, nurses, vets and dentists. The children had fun roleplaying them, and learned a lot about what doctors and dentists do.
Year 1 had a very busy day today! We did lots of work, and learned a lot of things!

English Lesson: Instructions Writing

We began with an English lesson. Mr. Kohll's English class and Miss Lucey's English class worked together. The children used the plans they made yesterday to write instructions. Writing instructions is an excellent way to improve English. The children practiced their handwriting, grammar and sentence structure.
After they finished writing and illustrating their instructions, we made a summary of them together. You can listen to some of the children reading them here (click on the blue words to hear them speaking):

First, wash your hands.

Then take the plate and knife and bread and jam.


After that, cut the bread...


...and spread the jam.


Finally, close the bread and eat the sandwich.


Growing Potato Plants

In Science, we are studying plants. Today, Miss Lucey and Mr. Kohll talked to the children about how plants grow, and we learned about potatoes. We began a science experiment - growing potato plants. The children made predictions about how the potato plants would change. We're very excited to see if they grow!

Homework Projects

Today the children began working on their Projects. Almost all of them decided to do projects on plants. Their homework is to decide what they want their focus to be. Tomorrow we will talk more about the Projects, and there will be materials to help the children on the Year 1 website and in the class library.

PSHE - People who help us in school

Today the children worked in groups, with Miss Lucey, Miss Lulu and Mr. Kohll, to travel around the school and talk to the people who help us in school. They spoke to Mrs. Bingham, who told them about how the teachers worked and how she communicated with them through emails and meetings and pigeonholes. They spoke to Miss Candy, who told them how she helps children who are sick or injured; and they talked to Miss Yiki and Miss Jenny, the school receptionists, who told them how they telephone parents, write letters and print and copy materials. I hope the children enjoyed themselves, and learned a lot of new things about their school!

End-of-week news


What a nice week!
We learned about plants in science, and homes in history. We learned to sing "the green grass grows" song.
In maths, the children learned how to multiply by counting their fingers more than once (for example, to do 3 x 5, the children can count 5 fingers three times). On Friday, we read a story to learn about division. Here it is, if you want to read it again!

Division Ogre Story.pptx
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And if you want to practice multiplying, play this game.
In English lessons this week, we learned about instructions. This is very useful for the children. It teaches them about verbs, making sentences, and non-fiction text. This week we practiced putting instructions in order. We played these games in class, and did activities for ordering and making things. Here are photos of the children making play cakes and giving instructions to each other.
Miss Lucey has been working with the children this week in all lessons. Next week, she will have one half of the class for English lessons, and the other half of the class for Maths lessons, in her classroom. For all other lessons (Science, History, Reading, and so on, Miss Lucey and Mr. Kohll will teach the children together). The children will greatly benefit from having a second teacher to help them, and from working in smaller groups.

In PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) this week we learned about People Who Help Us - our topic for this term. The children made hand puppets for the people they liked - mostly doctors and police officers. Miss Lulu made a beautiful display to show them.

As it says in your homework diaries, World Maths Day begins on the 28th of February. The website is, and the children can go there to practice their maths. The whole school will participate in the World Maths Day competition. The usernames and passwords are in your homework diaries so you can start practicing if you want to.

Finally, I would like to apologise for the badly translated letters about the Projects. Korean letters were sent out today, and Chinese letters will be sent out on Friday. The children can choose whether they want to do a project on plants, homes, or people who help  us; and they can begin work next week, on Wednesday. In a few weeks, the children will show their projects to the class, and talk to the class about them. This will be excellent speaking practice for them, and help the class to learn about all our subjects!
Have a good weekend!
Mr. Kohll.