We had a great day today!
The children started by singing "The Green Grass Grows" beautifully. They had lots of fun with it. Next week, we'll be learning a new song and story!
Our first lesson was Literacy, in which the children did their spelling tests - well done, they have worked hard at them this week! - and then did writing work about growing plants. The second lesson was Maths, in which the children practiced weighing things on scales, learned about grams, and used rulers to measure in centimetres and millimetres.
Using rulers to measure objects in centimetres on worksheets and around the class.
We made a fun new display today! A wordsearch puzzle, outside the classroom. It will be good for the children to practice finding words on it, and lots of fun for them. Today, the words on it are about plants (it includes the words "cherry" and "lily," two children named after a fruit and a flower! Next week the words will be changed to a new set.
Can you see any of our Science words?
In the afternoon, the children worked on their Projects. Many of them have already made an excellent start! This weekend they can work on the first two pages they have been given, think about the area in which they live, and the plants and people who help us around them, and look at some of the websites which have information for them.
After that, Year 1 looked at their beansprouts, which they began to grow yesterday. They observed how the beans had changed - growing bigger and changing colour - and made notes on these changes on their worksheets. Fascinating!
Finally, the children went to the computer suite where they practiced for World Maths Day - they had fun changing the pictures on their profiles and having maths competitions with children from all over the world! Keep practicing!
At the end of the day, the children were given full-colour Rego Newsletters for you to read. I'm sorry they were only in English. The news is about a recent Polo match (the first Polo match played in the snow in Asia, as reported by Jennifer Cui, sister of Year 1 Ellen!) It also includes mentions of the Valentines Dance tonight, the Rego Swim Meet tomorrow, the forthcoming school theatre, The Wizard of Oz - and the menu for next week at school (delicious as always!)
Click here for the Rego Newsletter original. Click below the fold to see the text, which can be translated online. I apologise for the mistakes in translation!

Have a good weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Monday!


New Projects!


This week the children started their new Projects! The Projects they made before the holidays were really excellent, and we look forward to seeing these.
This time, the children will learn about a much wider variety of subjects. When the Projects are finished, each child will get a prize, and then they will all show their Projects and talk to the class about what they have learned. We are looking forward to learning many new and interesting things!
This homework will help the children in many ways. They will practice their handwriting, spelling and grammar; they will practice their artistic skills; they will learn about research and learn a lot of science and knowledge of the world.
Most of the children have decided to do Projects on Plants (our Science topic) but some are doing projects on People Who Help Us (our Personal, Social and Health Education topic). Every child has some questions which they will work to find the answers to. When the Projects are finished they will share with the class what they have learned.
The children can write and draw and cut and glue. We want them to find interesting facts, and to share these with the class. We think it will be an excellent educational experience for them!
The children will work on the Projects in class and at home. There are books on plants and people who help us in the Year 1 class library, and below are some websites to help them find out interesting things.
Please send us a message, on this website or in the homework diaries, if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey.

Websites for plants:

Websites for People Who Help Us:

We have had an excellent start to the second half of term!
First, I'm very excited to say that Mr. Kohll's personal educational website is now ready, full of great learning games. Enjoy!

The children enjoyed working with Miss Lucey.

They started to learn about plants in Science lessons.

Miss Lulu made a beautiful Science display to help. Soon the children's worksheets will grow on the tree!

Here are the children's projects from last term. You can come and see them! We will make more projects this term and the children will give speeches about them at the end.

Seriously, it was a very good day today! We had the Chinese New Year assembly (go here to read about it and see photographs). The children all sang beautifully (we're sorry that Cool got there late and wasn't able to sing, but he joined in with the other activities immediately on arriving). They all looked fantastic in their Chinese and Korean clothes, and we had a very fun assembly. At the end of it, they were all presented with red enveloped with money inside and, on opening, them, they found it was chocolate money! A big thank you to Mrs. Bingham and the Chinese teachers who organised the assembly, and Miss Helen Bai, who taught the children to sing their song. 

Cherry's birthday party

After the assembly we went back to class where we celebrated Cherry's birthday. Her grandmother brought a huge cake, some oranges and candy, and we all had a fun time. I hope that Cherry's parents, who are in Australia, will enjoy hearing about this and seeing these photos.

Design and Technology: Castles

In the afternoon, we had a Design and Technology lesson. The children worked in groups to make model castles. They did some really creative work, cutting and gluing, colouring, decorating, and practicing sharing and teamwork skills. Their model castles are nearly finished. On Monday they will finish decorating them and evaluate them..

Mrs. Bingham sees the projects

The children have all been working very hard on their projects at home. I think this has been an excellent piece of homework to help them with their reading, writing, spelling and science. Today, I collected in the projects and was very impressed with their quality. Mrs. Bingham came to the class and gave prizes to the four children who had produced the best projects (it was very hard to choose the best because they were all so good). The three were Sarah, Grace, Eunice and Lisa, and they chose fans and a teddy bear (Eunice was not here today). All of the children also received two housepoints. Good work, Year 1!
Yesterday, the Literacy class wrote recounts of the Assembly. Today, they completed them. You can see and hear them here.

Today, the children brought in the Projects they have been working on. I was so pleased with how hard they are working, and I want to thank you for your help with them. A great help to their writing, reading and Art skills. I loved how they have worked so hard on them - finding samples, drawing and writing about them, and all so creative - it's very exciting!
Today, we also started our new Design and Technology topic. The children are going to learn about how to make model homes. We got out the cardboard boxes and scissors and practiced ways to make models that stand up, joining cardboard with no glue or tape!

And finally...

Last week, the children made some beautiful paper weavings. Today Miss Lulu kindly made them into a display outside the classroom.