A lot of great things have happened in Year 1 this week!
In English, we read and performed poems.
In Maths, we learned about directions.
In Science, we conducted experiments with sound.
And in Art, we made sculptures using clay (actually, dough; Miss Lulu knows how to make Chinese dumplings). We also made a giant stone sculpture using a computer.
In Assembly, Lily played the piano, and some Year 1 children got Silver Certificates, for 100 House Points.
And to celebrate Children's Day and Sports Day, the children had a swimming lesson on races and fun.

Science Experiments

Making body sounds - fingers, mouths...

Sculptures in Art lessons

Harry makes an online sculpture.

Our Stone Sculpture

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Lily playing the piano in Assembly.

Fun Swimming

Here is the news from Year 1!
First, next week will be a lot of fun. On Friday the third of June, there is the School Extravaganza - an afternoon of fantastic fun, with loads of games, barbecues, balloons and more!
Then, on Saturday the 4th of June, everyone in Year 1 is invited to Harry's birthday party - at the Mom and Kids Cafe11.30 - 1.30 pm (call Harry's mother on 13323498353 if you have any questions).


From now on, the TRIS Newsletters will be on the TRIS website. Click here, or go to www.tianjinrego.com, to see them - in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There is an article in there about Woo Bin and his fantastic sports record on Sports Day (although everyone in Year 1 did really well. Except possibly Mr. Kohll!)

Photos from this week

Woo Bin, with his trophy.
We had a visit from Nursery class. They showed us their face paintings!


Sports Day!


The Primary Sports Day was a great success, on the 18th of May 2011. Click on the pictures to see photos and videos.
Sports Day is on Wednesday! All parents welcome to come. Don't forget to bring a hat, or an umbrella in case of strong sunshine!
I hope you all had a good weekend! Here is a photo of Grace catching fish. What did the rest of Year 1 do?
This week, we will continue to learn about stories from other cultures and with repeating patterns in Literacy; we will learn about measuring and weighing in Numeracy; in Science, we will learn about the sounds made by musical instruments, and in PSHE we will learn about making good and bad choices.
Can all children please bring in their library books on Tuesday? We won't go to the library on Wednesday because of Sports Day events.
This week, we:
- Had a PE lesson with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. Miss Mackay was ill on that day, so we helped the children prepare for sports Day.
- Worked on a science topic, and learned about pushing, pulling and lifting to help the Easter Bunny build a new home.
- Learned about information books in English.
- Had fun at the Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala.
- Learned about 2-d shapes, 3-d shapes and symmetry in Maths.
- Began to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down."

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you did or enjoyed this week!

Exercising before starting the lesson.

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Here are some photos and films of what we did.

The children practiced long jumping, high jumping, throwing the discus and racing.

Video: the high jump.

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The children work together to construct a building.

Learning about
Lifting, Pushing and Pulling

Thursday 14th April: The Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala

The children did great swimming!
VIDEO: Swimming to win races!
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And they all had a lot of fun!

MATHS: Shapes.
Anybody who can learn ALL of the words for:
2-D shapes (click here)
3-D shapes (click here)
can get ONE HOUSEPOINT prize on Monday.
(Note - some people may have trouble playing this gamer