Here is the news from Year 1!
First, next week will be a lot of fun. On Friday the third of June, there is the School Extravaganza - an afternoon of fantastic fun, with loads of games, barbecues, balloons and more!
Then, on Saturday the 4th of June, everyone in Year 1 is invited to Harry's birthday party - at the Mom and Kids Cafe11.30 - 1.30 pm (call Harry's mother on 13323498353 if you have any questions).


From now on, the TRIS Newsletters will be on the TRIS website. Click here, or go to, to see them - in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There is an article in there about Woo Bin and his fantastic sports record on Sports Day (although everyone in Year 1 did really well. Except possibly Mr. Kohll!)

Photos from this week

Woo Bin, with his trophy.
We had a visit from Nursery class. They showed us their face paintings!