Important Reminder: all parents are invited to school on Tuesday afternoon (starting at 1.10) to discuss their children with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. We hope you can come!

We are getting near the end of the school year, but we still have lots of fun things to learn and do!
In English, we will continue to learn about rhymes and English poetry. Here is a game for you to practice rhymes with:
In Maths this week we will learn about counting, addition, subtraction and number patterns. Here is a game for you to practice. It's not difficult, but you have to answer quickly to get a high score!

This week in Art we will learn to make sculptures out of paper!

Have a good week!

We will do a lot of learning, of course, and have lots of fun!
In English lessons we will continue to learn about poetry. Mr. Kohll'c class will make poems based on "How much is that doggy in the window?" which we read on Friday.

In Maths, we will learn about doubling, halving and multiplication. You can practice multiplying using this game.

In Science, we will learn about measuring how far we can hear sounds, and in Art we will be making more beautiful sculptures.
Here is the Sculpture game we played last week, Lots of children asked for it, and I hope you enjoy it!

This week...


I hope you all had a good weekend! Mr. Kohll and Miss Lulu went to Beijing, where they visited the Beijing Zoo. Click on the picture to see the photos and videos!
Has anyone in Year 1 been to a zoo before? Why not leave a comment about it?

This week, we will be learning many exciting things. Here are a few of them:
Money maths will help you to learn more about addition, subtraction, doubling and halving. It will also help to prepare you for learning about decimals in Year 2 and Year 3. Remember, Fun To Save is an excellent game to learn about money maths.

In Science, we will learn more about sound. Click here to see our song for this week, which teaches children about instruments in an orchestra. It will also help their reading!

- Ice cream is being sold tomorrow!
- Please remember to bring back library books on Wednesday, and bring reading books every day - some children have been forgetting to do this.
- Sports Day is next Wednesday. Many children have ordered a barbecue meal and sent in money. It's going to be a really fun day!
We had a very fun week in our first week back in school. In English, we read stories from other cultures (England - The Gingerbread Man - and Africa - It Takes a Village - were two of our favourites). We read them acted them out, and wrote about them. In Science, we learned about sounds and hearing, and how to use our ears to sense the world around us. We put on blindfolds and practiced listening to see if we could identify a person just by hearing their voice. In Maths, we learned about Venn diagrams and Block Graphs. We made them with roleplays, and with computer games, and in our books. And in History, we learned about the history of seaside holidays. We learned the story of how Prince George (the Prince of Wales 300 years ago) went to Brighton (in the south of England) because his doctor said he should, and how this began the tradition of the British seaside holiday. Mr. Kohll played Prince George, and told the children about his health problems (the real Prince George was overweight, and had pains in his neck). The children then went to see Miss Lucey, who acted as a doctor, and told the children that the Prince should go to Brighton to bathe in seawater. The children were very excited to hear about this, and came back with lots of advice, which they wrote on worksheets. 

 And now, here are some photos we would like to show you!
Look how big our potato plant is now!
Roleplaying the story of The Gingerbread Man in English lessons.
Year 1 learned about sound and hearing...
...and played listening games!

Can Miss Lucey hear who this is?

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Helping Prince George
go on holiday to Brighton.

Tomorrow is the last day of half term, and the last day of Book Week!
I love Book Week. It's all about getting children to enjoy reading, which I think is fantastic; and it's all about fun reading activities, which I like. I liked it when Miss Lucey read a story to the class (so did they, and so did she!) I liked it when I read stories to children in the library. And I REALLY am looking forward to tomorrow - Year 1 will have four teachers visit them to read to them, and I will be going to Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5. But I will be back in Year 1 by 10.15.
This week has been a wonderful week. Some bad things did happen - I had a cold on Monday, and it was raining today - but lots of great things happened. Here are some pictures of them!
The children learned about graphs in Maths this week. You can see Shu and Ji Hyeon are representing the number 2 in a graph, and Patricia the number 7.
And here are the graphs they made from this information.
In Science lessons, the children helped the Easter Bunny to learn about pushing and pulling. Here they are learning about pulleys.
Miss Lucey read the magical story 'Rory MacNory' to the children at the end of each day this week.
Because this is Book Week, Year 9 and Year 7 students came, on Tuesday and Wednesday, to read with Year 1 children.
It was very exciting to see how well the potato plant has grown. It has started to grow flowers! We invited Reception class to come and look at it, and talked about its growth.
The Easter Bunny very kindly sent the children presents - dyes, colours and instructions on how to make their own eggs!
Year 1 all brought in eggs, and drew coloured patterns on them.
We took the eggs and dyed them pretty colours to make Easter Eggs.
This week, we:
- Had a PE lesson with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. Miss Mackay was ill on that day, so we helped the children prepare for sports Day.
- Worked on a science topic, and learned about pushing, pulling and lifting to help the Easter Bunny build a new home.
- Learned about information books in English.
- Had fun at the Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala.
- Learned about 2-d shapes, 3-d shapes and symmetry in Maths.
- Began to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down."

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you did or enjoyed this week!

Exercising before starting the lesson.

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Here are some photos and films of what we did.

The children practiced long jumping, high jumping, throwing the discus and racing.

Video: the high jump.

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The children work together to construct a building.

Learning about
Lifting, Pushing and Pulling

Thursday 14th April: The Key Stage 1 Swimming Gala

The children did great swimming!
VIDEO: Swimming to win races!
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And they all had a lot of fun!

MATHS: Shapes.
Anybody who can learn ALL of the words for:
2-D shapes (click here)
3-D shapes (click here)
can get ONE HOUSEPOINT prize on Monday.
(Note - some people may have trouble playing this gamer

We have now finished the second week of summer term. In Year 1 we continued to learn about calculating in maths and about information books in English. The children researched the United Kingdom and wrote letters to the Easter Bunny telling him about it - and in the process learned a lot about Geography. On Friday, we had three fun events - the children could buy pizza and cookies, there were House and School photographs (for the Year Book at the end of the year) and we had out "Golden Time." Golden Time is a common practice in British schools - the last hour of the week is given to the children to have fun with. For us, we played a game where we learned about The Easter Bunny, and then went to the ICT suite where the children played fun computer games. We also gave prizes to children who had done well in Miss Lucey's class, and to the House table who had the most House Points. This week, Pegasus won. Well done, Bobo, Sarah, Cool, Jae Hun and Harry!
Here are some photos for you to see how we had a week full of learning and fun.
Have a good weekend!

We learned a lot about Britain so we could teach the Easter Bunny about it.

Miss Lucey showed the children fascinating pictures of her time in Britain. They learned many things about the geography and culture of the United Kingdom.
Every week we have a new word search puzzle for the whole class to enjoy. This week, the words are Britain, UK, rain, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Queen - some of the things we have been learning about this week. The children managed to find many of them (and so did some of the children in other classes!) How many can you find?
Because we were learning about the United Kingdom this week, our song for the week was "Land Of Hope and Glory." Every day we spent a few minutes watching a video of Last Night of the Proms (a famous music festival in Britain) where we saw people playing and singing the British National Song. The children had fun seeing the singing, learning about the different flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Britain. Click below to see a video of the children conducting with the conductor, playing with the orchestra and waving flags with the audience.

Watch video here:

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House Colours

On Friday, we gave the children all new House T-shirts in their House Colours (Phoenix, Red, Dragon, Yellow, and Pegasus, Blue).
The children all put on their new school House T-shirts.

Fun Food on Friday.

The photos you can see are of the children enjoying their cakes and pizzas. Here is a photo of Bobo (it was her birthday) enjoying a slice of chocolate cake. Happy birthday, Bobo!
It wasn't all fun and games - we also had lots of hard studying this week. Here is a group of children studying maths.
Here are the children learning about maths with a computer game.
Here we are playing an Easter Bunny game in Golden Time.

A big surprise!



Pi Day

(Special note: can all children please bring PE clothes for House Activities tomorrow. Thank you!)

Well, here we are in Week 5! I'm very happy to be back in Year 1, and Mr. Simpson is almost recovered.
Today we celebrated Pi Day. The children all many different groups in their Houses and went throughout the school, to many classrooms, where they did many different activities. They did activities such as memorising the digits of pi, making 3-D shapes, answering questions about higher or lower numbers, learning about the mathematics of maps, and much more! They worked with older children and sometimes younger children and had lots of fun! I only saw a few children from Year 1 through the afternoon, but more photos will be on the TRIS website at later in the week.

This week, what will we learn?

We have a new Word Search puzzle outside the class! It has words in it to show all the things we will learn this week. The children all have a picture of it, and they will each get a smiley face (3 :) = 1 house point) if they can find all of the words on the paper.
Here is the Word Search for you to see:
Today we had PE. I'm sorry to say that one Year 1 child lost his PE jacket. We will look for it and hope to find it; but please, can I ask you to make sure that all of your child's clothes have their name and "Year 1" written in them. Thank you.
After school, we had clubs. It was lots of fun in the ICT club. Go to Mr. Kohll's Computer Club page to see the games we played and the work we did. Children will find the "Safari Units" game useful for their maths lessons this week.
This week we will also continue learning about plants in Science. We are very happy that the bean seeds have begun to grow! On Friday we are going to go to the Botanical Gardens; and tomorrow we will begin an exciting new experiment, which the children will love, and which will teach them a lot!
In PSHE, we will learn about police officers and fire fighters. In English, we will work on recounts, describing a real event in sequence. In maths we will learn about "place value" and tens and units. In geography we will learn about being safe and making the local area safe. And finally, Miss Lucey will teach an exciting lesson on a famous Irish holiday on Thursday. On that day, children can come to school in non-uniform if they like - but they have to wear something green if they do!
We'll tell you more on Thursday!
Finally, Harry may be leaving us soon. We're all very sad, but would like to say thank you to Harry for the chocolate presents he brought for us today! Thanks, Harry!

Have a good week, everybody!

World Maths Day

We had a whole-school assembly this morning in which Mr. Smith, the head of mathematics, congratulated the school on their performance in World Maths Day. He also gave certificates to the children who got the highest scores. Well done, Year 1, for your part in helping the school!
And special congratulations to Kim Jun Hyeok! Well done, Harry!

Homework for this weekend

The children have some interesting homework this week!

Yuk Yuk and the Denlops

This week and next week we are learning about writing fantasy stories in English class. So let me introduce you to Yuk Yuk and the Denlops. The Denlops are magic people who live under the ground. Yuk Yuk is a Denlop,. We talked to him today. He told the class that he is 600 years old, and he was very happy to meet us.
For the parents, an explanation: This website is a sophisticated artificial intelligence, child-friendly and completely safe. Children can ask the character Yuk Yuk questions, and he will answer them. It's lots of fun, and wonderful practice for their English!
Talking to Yuk Yuk is a little difficult for some children in Year 1. It is homework for Mr. Kohll's English class (Lily, Eunice, Jae Hun, Ellen, Woo Bin and You Bin) but other children can talk to him as well if they want to!

Learning Chocolate and Picture Stories

For the children who can't talk to Yuk Yuk, here is some homework (and for Mr. Kohll's English class too, please!)

Two wonderful websites to help improve your English.

The first is called Learning Chocolate. It's an excellent website for English as a Second Language. Very useful for Miss Rhonda's class, and it will be a big help for all Year 1 children.
For homework, I want you to go to this page and play at least three of the games. This will help you improve your English, learn about the Science of plants, and it will be a big help for some of you doing Projects on plants.
The second website is very useful for learning English. Every word has a picture above it to help explain the meaning of the word. For homework I want you to read this story about going to the dentist. This will help us in our PSHE topic "People Who Help Us."

And finally...
Have a wonderful weekend!