Here is the news from Year 1!
First, next week will be a lot of fun. On Friday the third of June, there is the School Extravaganza - an afternoon of fantastic fun, with loads of games, barbecues, balloons and more!
Then, on Saturday the 4th of June, everyone in Year 1 is invited to Harry's birthday party - at the Mom and Kids Cafe11.30 - 1.30 pm (call Harry's mother on 13323498353 if you have any questions).


From now on, the TRIS Newsletters will be on the TRIS website. Click here, or go to, to see them - in English, Chinese, Japanese or Korean. There is an article in there about Woo Bin and his fantastic sports record on Sports Day (although everyone in Year 1 did really well. Except possibly Mr. Kohll!)

Photos from this week

Woo Bin, with his trophy.
We had a visit from Nursery class. They showed us their face paintings!

- Ice cream is being sold tomorrow!
- Please remember to bring back library books on Wednesday, and bring reading books every day - some children have been forgetting to do this.
- Sports Day is next Wednesday. Many children have ordered a barbecue meal and sent in money. It's going to be a really fun day!
We had a very fun week in our first week back in school. In English, we read stories from other cultures (England - The Gingerbread Man - and Africa - It Takes a Village - were two of our favourites). We read them acted them out, and wrote about them. In Science, we learned about sounds and hearing, and how to use our ears to sense the world around us. We put on blindfolds and practiced listening to see if we could identify a person just by hearing their voice. In Maths, we learned about Venn diagrams and Block Graphs. We made them with roleplays, and with computer games, and in our books. And in History, we learned about the history of seaside holidays. We learned the story of how Prince George (the Prince of Wales 300 years ago) went to Brighton (in the south of England) because his doctor said he should, and how this began the tradition of the British seaside holiday. Mr. Kohll played Prince George, and told the children about his health problems (the real Prince George was overweight, and had pains in his neck). The children then went to see Miss Lucey, who acted as a doctor, and told the children that the Prince should go to Brighton to bathe in seawater. The children were very excited to hear about this, and came back with lots of advice, which they wrote on worksheets. 

 And now, here are some photos we would like to show you!
Look how big our potato plant is now!
Roleplaying the story of The Gingerbread Man in English lessons.
Year 1 learned about sound and hearing...
...and played listening games!

Can Miss Lucey hear who this is?

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Helping Prince George
go on holiday to Brighton.


Welcome back!


I hope all of you, parents and children, had a wonderufl holiday.
I certainly did!
And now, after a good rest, I hope all the children in Year 1 are ready for hard work, learning, and fun.
This term we will be learning about many exciting things. Click here to go to the Summer Term page to read aall about it.
Here are some games to help you get ready. Click on each picture to play them.
In English lessons we will be reading stories from around the world. Do you know some of the countries they will come from? Have a look at this map, and see if you can find China, England, Africa and Russia.

In Science this term, we will be learning about sound and hearing. Click here to play a game where you can practice listening to sounds.

In History, for the next three weeks, we will be learning about the sea side, and about holidays a long time ago. To begin, play this game so you can learn about sea side sounds. This will also help you in Science.


World Maths Day

We had a whole-school assembly this morning in which Mr. Smith, the head of mathematics, congratulated the school on their performance in World Maths Day. He also gave certificates to the children who got the highest scores. Well done, Year 1, for your part in helping the school!
And special congratulations to Kim Jun Hyeok! Well done, Harry!

Homework for this weekend

The children have some interesting homework this week!

Yuk Yuk and the Denlops

This week and next week we are learning about writing fantasy stories in English class. So let me introduce you to Yuk Yuk and the Denlops. The Denlops are magic people who live under the ground. Yuk Yuk is a Denlop,. We talked to him today. He told the class that he is 600 years old, and he was very happy to meet us.
For the parents, an explanation: This website is a sophisticated artificial intelligence, child-friendly and completely safe. Children can ask the character Yuk Yuk questions, and he will answer them. It's lots of fun, and wonderful practice for their English!
Talking to Yuk Yuk is a little difficult for some children in Year 1. It is homework for Mr. Kohll's English class (Lily, Eunice, Jae Hun, Ellen, Woo Bin and You Bin) but other children can talk to him as well if they want to!

Learning Chocolate and Picture Stories

For the children who can't talk to Yuk Yuk, here is some homework (and for Mr. Kohll's English class too, please!)

Two wonderful websites to help improve your English.

The first is called Learning Chocolate. It's an excellent website for English as a Second Language. Very useful for Miss Rhonda's class, and it will be a big help for all Year 1 children.
For homework, I want you to go to this page and play at least three of the games. This will help you improve your English, learn about the Science of plants, and it will be a big help for some of you doing Projects on plants.
The second website is very useful for learning English. Every word has a picture above it to help explain the meaning of the word. For homework I want you to read this story about going to the dentist. This will help us in our PSHE topic "People Who Help Us."

And finally...
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hello! I hope you all had a good holiday. We have a busy and exciting time ahead of us, and I want to tell you some of the things we will be doing. Please remember that timetables are available here for you to see plans for this term and this year.
There is an exciting new development this term. As you know, the policy of TRIS is that classes will have no more than 15 children, so that the children will receive a high quality education. We now have 16 children in Year 1. Therefore, a new teacher has joined us, Miss Lucey. The children will now have two teachers, but don't worry - both teachers will teach all of the children; there will not be two seperate classes. What there will be is many new ideas and ways of teaching, and extra help for your children in learning.
In English lessons we are going to begin by learning the English topic of Instructions. The children will learn about how to put English sentences in order, how to write neat instructions for things like recipes, making things and playing games, and how to give instructions in spoken English. After that, we will have two weeks for the children to continue learning about science fiction and fantasy stories. Lots of fun! 

In Maths lessons this week, we will be learning about simple multiplication and division. There will be more games on the website for your children to practice these at the end of the week. Here are two games they can play now to help them learn and practice.
In Science lessons this term we will learn about plants. The children will learn to name different parts of plants, see how plants grow and learn about roots and flowers and what we can use plants for.They will learn that plants are living organisms, and the things that they need to grow and live.

In History lessons, we will be learning about houses a long time ago. the children will learn about the history of houses in Britain and compare them to China and Korea.