Year 1 are working on a homework project - a long-term piece of homework on Materials, which is our topic for Science and Art lessons this term. They will end up with a booklet full of pictures, diagrams and writing about things made from plastic, wood, paper, metal and other materials. Today, we had a look at the work the children have done, and I was very happy to see how hard they have been working at home - colouring, drawing, cutting, gluing and writing. Well done, Year 1!

Questions and Answers

Question: When does the Project have to be finished by?
Answer: By the Spring Festival holidays.

Question: Is there a prize?
Answer: The best projects will be sent to Mrs. Bingham and Mr. Owens for them to see; children will be rewarded by the amount of effort they have put into their work, with housepoints.

Question: What is the "best work?"
Answer: Lots of different items made of lots of different materials - samples glued in, and neatest possible drawing, colouring and writing.

Question: Can the children do extra work?
Answer: Yes! If they like, they can add their pages, write on the backs of their pages, and do some work on the computer if they wish. They can also add stickers, stories and photos cut out of magazines. But all work done must be on things made out of plastics, glass, metals, fabrics and other materials.


Here are some online resources that children can use to find out more about materials to add to their Projects:
Link to Science Games.
The photos of your children are now online (at individual websites with password protection) for you to see and download. The website addresses and passwords will be sent out on Monday.

So far there are photos from the autumn term - one website for each child, and one website for photos of Year 1 as a whole.  

I hope you will all enjoy seeing them! New photos for the spring term will be uploaded at the end of term.

How time flies when you're busy and having fun! I think it's safe to say that we were very busy this term, and we did have a lot of fun. Here are a few of the things that stand out most when I look back on the autumn term:
(1) The children! They have been a delight to teach and to work with. Curious, fun, engaging and friendly. We have been sad to lose four of them, but happy to welcome Grace, Cool, Cherry, Woo Bin and You Bin.
(2) Fun learning games in class - computer games at school and at home, like Tutpup and Education City; playing card games like twenty-one, to practice adding maths. We've had fun telling stories, including some like the one in the photo where the children chose what they wanted to do in the story. 

(3) The Christmas play. Especially considering how young they were, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 made us all very, very proud. They worked hard and gave excellent performances that were a credit to the school.

And now Spring Term is here! I'm certain it's going to be as busy and full of fun as last term. I hope you will enjoy looking around the new Year 1 website, and find it of use for you and for your child or children.

Happy New Year!

Mr. Kohll.