Important Reminder: all parents are invited to school on Tuesday afternoon (starting at 1.10) to discuss their children with Mr. Kohll and Miss Lucey. We hope you can come!

We are getting near the end of the school year, but we still have lots of fun things to learn and do!
In English, we will continue to learn about rhymes and English poetry. Here is a game for you to practice rhymes with:
In Maths this week we will learn about counting, addition, subtraction and number patterns. Here is a game for you to practice. It's not difficult, but you have to answer quickly to get a high score!

This week in Art we will learn to make sculptures out of paper!

Have a good week!


Fun on Thursday


Thursday was a great day! We had a birthday party for Cool (who had a cake that he kindly shared with the whole class, Nursery and Reception, Year 2, Year 3 and the teachers!). After that we learned about making sculptures out of soap. Then in the afternoon Year 1 children all went to Miss Stannard to learn about Year 2, and prepare for going there next year.
We will do a lot of learning, of course, and have lots of fun!
In English lessons we will continue to learn about poetry. Mr. Kohll'c class will make poems based on "How much is that doggy in the window?" which we read on Friday.

In Maths, we will learn about doubling, halving and multiplication. You can practice multiplying using this game.

In Science, we will learn about measuring how far we can hear sounds, and in Art we will be making more beautiful sculptures.
Here is the Sculpture game we played last week, Lots of children asked for it, and I hope you enjoy it!
A lot of great things have happened in Year 1 this week!
In English, we read and performed poems.
In Maths, we learned about directions.
In Science, we conducted experiments with sound.
And in Art, we made sculptures using clay (actually, dough; Miss Lulu knows how to make Chinese dumplings). We also made a giant stone sculpture using a computer.
In Assembly, Lily played the piano, and some Year 1 children got Silver Certificates, for 100 House Points.
And to celebrate Children's Day and Sports Day, the children had a swimming lesson on races and fun.

Science Experiments

Making body sounds - fingers, mouths...

Sculptures in Art lessons

Harry makes an online sculpture.

Our Stone Sculpture

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Lily playing the piano in Assembly.

Fun Swimming

Yesterday, the Literacy class wrote recounts of the Assembly. Today, they completed them. You can see and hear them here.

Today, the children brought in the Projects they have been working on. I was so pleased with how hard they are working, and I want to thank you for your help with them. A great help to their writing, reading and Art skills. I loved how they have worked so hard on them - finding samples, drawing and writing about them, and all so creative - it's very exciting!
Today, we also started our new Design and Technology topic. The children are going to learn about how to make model homes. We got out the cardboard boxes and scissors and practiced ways to make models that stand up, joining cardboard with no glue or tape!

And finally...

Last week, the children made some beautiful paper weavings. Today Miss Lulu kindly made them into a display outside the classroom.