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The Summer Term Curriculum Letter

Well, it may still be a little cold, and real summer may not be here yet - but TRIS summer term begins on Monday! You can now click here to read the TRIS Year 1 Curriculum Letter, which will tell you all about the things we will be doing and learning in the next eleven school weeks.

News from last week

We are very sorry that so many children have had illnesses recently. Many are better now, and we hope all will be soon.
Last week, the children worked on doubling and halving, multiplication and division; they learned to write recounts of the Botanical Gardens trip, and learned about road safety.
The children went to see the rehearsal of the wonderful school play "The Wizard of Oz." It was lots of fun! Also, the children enjoyed talking to each other on the Year 1 website, and planned to write a letter to our friends in a Year 1 English class.

Division and English vocabulary

Next week, we will begin to learn about information books, other countries and Easter!
Have a good weekend.

Spring Term and Summer Term

This week is the end of Spring Term. Next week, the Summer Term begins. There will be four weeks until Easter for the first half of Summer Term. For information on the things we will be studying you can go to the Parents Page, and the Summer Term Curriculum Letter will be sent out at the end of the week. We have some VERY exciting things planned for next term!

The Wizard of Oz! The classic children's story that TRIS are performing this week. There is still time to get tickets if you want to! There will be two shows on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Tickets will be given out on Wednesday if you have bought them. Because many children in Year 1 will have not bought tickets we the class went to watch the final rehearsal this afternoon. The children saw some of the play and loved it! And I'm sure you will too if you see it. It's an excellent performance!
The children have their spelling homework for this week; please practice spelling and reading every night. A few children did not bring their school uniform to school today - please remember!
Because of disruption due to the rehearsal for the school play there was no swimming club today; the swimmers came to Computer Club, where they played fun learning games.
This week we have a new class wordsearch where the children can have fun finding words about things happening in Year 1 and in school. How many can they find? There are also three names hidden in there - can you see them?
And finally, thank you to all the parents who helped with making and selling food on Thursday and Friday for Japanese charities; the PTA made 9, 274 rmb!
Also, we are very sorry that three children missed the Friday Gardens trip. Their money will of course be returned to them.
Have a good week!
Once again it is the end of the week; and as I look back on it I am very happy to think about all the things Year 1 have done.
We started an experiment in dyeing plants, which the children were very excited about.
Year 1 finished reading The Great Plant Expedition as a class. We read it all together, a little bit every day. The children loved it, and I did too because I wrote it and found or made all the pictures myself! The children play a roleplaying adventure where they travel back in time and go on an expedition to America to search for new plants. Perhaps you'd like to read it at home?
Congratulations to Patricia on getting her Silver Certificate. 100 House Points! Well done!

Pi Day

(Special note: can all children please bring PE clothes for House Activities tomorrow. Thank you!)

Well, here we are in Week 5! I'm very happy to be back in Year 1, and Mr. Simpson is almost recovered.
Today we celebrated Pi Day. The children all many different groups in their Houses and went throughout the school, to many classrooms, where they did many different activities. They did activities such as memorising the digits of pi, making 3-D shapes, answering questions about higher or lower numbers, learning about the mathematics of maps, and much more! They worked with older children and sometimes younger children and had lots of fun! I only saw a few children from Year 1 through the afternoon, but more photos will be on the TRIS website at www.tianjinrego.com later in the week.

This week, what will we learn?

We have a new Word Search puzzle outside the class! It has words in it to show all the things we will learn this week. The children all have a picture of it, and they will each get a smiley face (3 :) = 1 house point) if they can find all of the words on the paper.
Here is the Word Search for you to see:
Today we had PE. I'm sorry to say that one Year 1 child lost his PE jacket. We will look for it and hope to find it; but please, can I ask you to make sure that all of your child's clothes have their name and "Year 1" written in them. Thank you.
After school, we had clubs. It was lots of fun in the ICT club. Go to Mr. Kohll's Computer Club page to see the games we played and the work we did. Children will find the "Safari Units" game useful for their maths lessons this week.
This week we will also continue learning about plants in Science. We are very happy that the bean seeds have begun to grow! On Friday we are going to go to the Botanical Gardens; and tomorrow we will begin an exciting new experiment, which the children will love, and which will teach them a lot!
In PSHE, we will learn about police officers and fire fighters. In English, we will work on recounts, describing a real event in sequence. In maths we will learn about "place value" and tens and units. In geography we will learn about being safe and making the local area safe. And finally, Miss Lucey will teach an exciting lesson on a famous Irish holiday on Thursday. On that day, children can come to school in non-uniform if they like - but they have to wear something green if they do!
We'll tell you more on Thursday!
Finally, Harry may be leaving us soon. We're all very sad, but would like to say thank you to Harry for the chocolate presents he brought for us today! Thanks, Harry!

Have a good week, everybody!
Today we had a birthday party for Woo Bin and You Bin. Their mother very kindly brought in two big cakes and other party foods, and we all sang happy birthday.

The first video to appear on the Year 1 website!

Year 1 sing happy birthday.mp4
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Party Pictures

Writing Stories in English lessons

For two weeks the children have been writing stories in English class. Today they finished the final version; each child in Mr. Kohll's and Miss Lucey's class wrote a story about a magical forest. We were so proud of their good work that we asked Mrs. Bingham to come and see them. Mrs. Bingham was very pleased, and gave every child in the class one house point!

News for Year 1 and TRIS

We're very happy to say that Mr. Simpson, the Year 3 teacher, is recovering well, and I should be able to return full time to teaching Year 1 with Miss Lucey next week.
Thank you to the parents who have sent in money and permission for the Science trip next Friday. Any parents who have not yet, please do so otherwise your child will not be able to come - and it is a lot of fun and a great educational experience! The children will learn a lot about the science of plants and have a great day. Here is a photo of the trip from 2010:
Next week we will continue to learn about road safety and making the local area safer in Geography lessons; we will have the Botanical Gardens trip; and we will celebrate Pi Day. An exciting week for Year 1!
Have a good weekend!
Today Miss Rhonda's ESL class - Cherry, Lisa, Ji Hyeon, Bobo, Harold, Su, Shu and Lohann from Year 2 - performed a lovely assembly. It was about the Mardi Gras festival, and the things the children had been learning about it. It was very nice to see their parents come to watch, and I hope they all enjoyed it as much as I did! We saw a lovely powerpoint of all the work the children had been doing; the children put on fun costumes and danced for us; and at the end they threw candy to the audience. Lots of fun!
Finally Mr. Owens gave House Point Certificates to four of the Year 1 children in Miss Rhonda's class - very well deserved!

News in Year 1 and TRIS

* I hope the children are happy with the letters sent home about buying books online. It is a wonderful way to learn English. Please let me know if you have any questions.
* Tomorrow is Woo Bin and You Bin's birthday party! We will have it at 10.00 in the morning. Please don't bring any snacks tomorrow. Thank you!
* Monday is Pi Day (Pi = 3.14) - a celebration of maths! The children will do lots of maths activities, with all the other students of TRIS, all around the school. Lots of fun!
* The new school website is now available at www.tianjinrego.com. Why not go and have a look at it?

Today the children learned about plants by cutting up plant samples and looking inside them. They also looked at their bean sprouts, and were amazed by how big they are growing; and we planted some beans and potatoes. We hope they will grown.!
Welcome to another week! I have some interesting things to tell you.
First, I am very sorry to say that Mr. Simpson, the Year 3 teacher, is sick in hospital. We are not sure when he will be able to come back to school. We hope he wiill be back in a few days. While he is away, Year 3 will be taught by Mr. Kohll, and Year 1 will be taught by Miss Lucey, me, Miss Helen and Miss Lulu. I will come back to teach Year 1 when I am available. For example, today I was able to teach a Geography lesson with Miss Lucey in the afternoon.
This is our new Geography topic - safety in the local area. It was great fun! Today we went to the school gates and did a survey of the traffic outside our school. The children were very excited, and made a graph of the information. In future lessons we will learn about road safety. You can see our song for this week here.

This week, the children will write fantasy stories in English, learn more about multiplying and dividing in Maths, and cut open plants to explore them in Science.
Tomorrow is an optional non-school uniform day. If your child wishes to come in normal clothes, they can pay 10 RMB, which will be given to a charity to help the earthquake victims in New Zealand. One of the TRIS teachers comes from New Zealand, and the school is raising money to help the people there. (This does not apply to Harold and Bobo, who have not yet received full school uniform).
Have a good week!
Mr. Kohll.