Today's lesson:

Today we are going to learn about how to:
1. Write.
Change colours and sizes.
3. Add Clipart pictures.

What to do:

1. Click here to download a file. Mr. Kohll will show you how to save it to your computer, with your name and today's date (16-5-11).
2. Open it. Mr. Kohll will show you how to write three things you like, change the colour and size, and add clipart.
3. Save the file and close it.

When you've finished:

1. Go to Mr. Kohll, one at a time, to help upload your work to this website. when you get home your parents will be able to see it.
2. When you've finished you can play ICT games here. You can play a Very Easy Game, an Easy Game, or a Hard Game.
3. At 3.15 you can go here to play Fun Learning Games. At 3.25, tidy up the ICT suite.

Work completed and uploaded by Year 1 and Year 2 ICT Club:

Chae Young, Cherry, Coco, Dong Gyu, Jae Hun, Lily, Lisa and Harry, Max, Peter, Seo Youn,
Yu Sung, Yuhana, Su.


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