Here's your present!

Mr. Kohll has made a new website for you. Go to - it has lots of fun learning games!

Can you find the Year 1-2 English games? Go and read a story (3.35 - 3.45).

Can you find the Year 1-2 maths games? Go and play them (3.45 - 3.55).

Can you find the Year 1-2 Science games? Go and play them (3.55 - 4.00).

And did you know there is a Reward Games page for when you've finished your work?
Copy this into a comment and finish the sentences, once for each person (remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops):

I went to Mr. Kohll's website.
My favourite game was
In it I

When you've finished that, you can play the Reward Games. Have fun!


harry and haold in yr 1
02/28/2011 00:07

i like game


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